Friday, March 9, 2012

Foreshadowing a fall

In my defense, the phone would not have helped at all.

My sister came into my room last night at 9:30 to take Claren and tell me she was going to bed.

She saw my phone on my bed and asked if I wanted it. I said no.

I had moved my chair away from my chaise so I could see the recovering Claren. My sister asked if I could get in my chair so far away. I assured I'd move it.

You probably think you know what happened next, but wait ... The foreshadowing is not complete.

I sit on the edge of my chaise -- at first so Claren could sit with me, then when she decided she preferred the bed, so I could keep my laptop and stuff on the chaise.

Finally, my allergies are acting up.

Now, you can guess.

I sneezed, and flipped off the chaise. My head was resting on a shelf I keep next to the chaise. My arms were pretty useless to help me recover because they were keeping me from falling more.

And the whole time I was chuckling, as in "boy, are you screwed" and "thank goodness, I am not hurt."

My sister came rushing in because I made so much noise. That made me laugh harder because I knew she'd think I tried to get to my chair without moving it. Also, I wanted her to know I was OK.

She got me back in my chair and everything was fine. She told me she knew this was going to happen. But this was a unique fall she could not have expected.

I mean even with all the foreshadowing, did you guess what happened?

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