Thursday, March 15, 2012

People are the problem

I am answering some disability-related questions for a friend's school project about the subway system. If I separate the paratransit system from the regular transit system, most of my problems are with people.

The system seems to work OK.

It is people who crowd the elevators instead of taking the stairs.

It is people who stand right near the subway doors and don't move to the center of the cars as instructed. The other night, I was waiting to get on a car and two guys just continued to stand at the door ... until I just barreled on. (That is one system problem: You can't board gently. You have to just power on to make it past the gaps and humps.)

It is also people who threaten to have their way with me and Claren, although to be fair that was just once.

The paratransit system is a special kind of evil, but the transit system is OK.

It's the people who make it rotten. (Well, except for the cute gal in the loose-fitting shirt who bent over to talk to Claren.)


Anonymous said...

Big people hater here...mostly.

Matt Trott said...

It bugs me that many people have to be encouraged to be decent to one another.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I was in a scooter for several weeks after foot surgery. Too many people have their noses buried in their Blackberry/iPhone/Kindle, or they are unconscious, or they are totally selfish. I was called "rude" when a very large woman couldn't fit on the Metro elevator with me and the scooter. She was perfectly mobile. I saw her walk off the train. She needed to take the escalator. Not cool, people.

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