Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bromance forged in the bathroom

My sister and brother-in-law have two kids, so I am almost certain I am not the first naked member of my family he has seen. (I also was not totally naked: I had a shirt on and my pants were on just around my ankles.)

I am also certain that last night was still the most he has seen of me.

Finally, I am equally sure that neither of us were real happy that he had to pick me up off the floor of the bathroom and sit me on the toilet, which incidentally he did easily. He is a PX90-er.

Now I have disquieting thoughts in my head since the idea of my little sister having S-E-X is almost as creepy to me as my parents and S-E-X.

To cure that, I will just mention how amazing I am because I fall a lot but almost never get hurt.

I know I am not unique. My brother with Friedreich's ataxia has told me how good he is at falling.

I also know I am not invincible. My brother has been sporting a bandage on his nose this week since a fall gone wrong.

But still.

Last night, I stood up, lost my footing, fell, knocked into some storage bins, landed on my back on a tiled bathroom floor, and my first response was to laugh.

Because my brother-in-law was there to save me.


Anonymous said...

no worries, I'm sure MikeD is thinking of himself as Superman today. I think you and Tony have the hardest heads in the universe. At least none of your falls have resulted in the possibility of plastic surgery. We shall see what happens to the nose.

Matt Trott said...

Noses are supposed to be knocked out of shape. Just ask Spensser.

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