Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hang on, Matty

I have not now, or at any time in the past, been known as Sloopy.

And I do not wish to ever be called that!

Nevertheless, Hang on Sloopy has been pounding in my head this weekend. And I have welcomed it.

It was not a wonderful weekend. I am not sure why but here are some theories:
  • My body has not been working properly and required several changes of clothes. 
  • A niece may be at fault. She turns 20 tomorrow and we had a little party for her Saturday. Two of her friends came, so I got to meet two other 20-somethings who are working on a Senate campaign. Meeting people half my age who have accomplished pretty much all I have in 40 years already does nothing for my esteem. It isn't that I hate my job or any of them, and I am good at what I do, but I am replaceable. I live with my sister's family, which is awesome, but it isn't exactly something to be proud of. 
  • Swimming is on break, and my trike is in the shop, so no exercise.
But I will hang on.


Anonymous said...

got a message the trike is ready...i can go get it tomorrow.
as for living with me not being something to be proud of, well my brother, thems is fighting words.

xo sloopy

Anonymous said...

Hang on! Lots of people love you!

Matt Trott said...

It is not an accomplishment, let's say.

I know

Anonymous said...

you are BEYOND too hard on yourself. How many people within their first six months of work are writing speeches for the Director of the entire Fish And Wildlife Service that require no correction. Chill out dude!

Matt Trott said...

Not sure where you got no correction. I get edited a lot. And thank goodness.

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