Thursday, September 13, 2012

Can you keep a secret?

I don't really want to tell my brother-in-law the builder about the gash I put in my desk (at left).

I don't really want to tell my dentist either. But if my tooth doesn't stop hurting where I banged it into the desk, I will have to.

I also don't want to tell the therapist and wheelchair salesman because they would likely suggest some type of chest restraint. I suppose that might be a wise idea, but it just seems so restricting.

My family will also support the restraint, so I don't want to tell them.

So don't tell.


Anonymous said...

I am really sorry about the desk and your tooth. I know how I felt when I put the first gash in the newly painted walls after the flood. I have resisted a chest restraint for years because it makes me feel so confined. But maybe there is something new out there that is better. It might just be worth checking. So sorry.
ps miked can fix anything!

Matt Trott said...

My brother-in-law looked at the photo, twisted his head this way and that. then said, "you did it with the left side, right?"

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