Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm never moving to the West Coast

I have been through one earthquake that I know of. I am counting on there being another during my life.

Work isn't so sure. They scheduled a Shake-Out drill today and made a point to give us chair users special instructions: Stay in your chair, get away from windows, bend over if possible, cover your head and hold on.

I wasn't sure how to cover my head and hold on, but as I told one of the supervisors that asked if I needed help, I am a pro at duck and cover. So I was all set for the drill.

I waited and waited. Then someone stopped by my office and asked how I liked the drill.

I totally didn't hear the alarm. I am doomed.


Anonymous said...

Probably not the appropriate response but this made me kind of laugh. I am going to go with you will know when the real thing happens. We just had one. Everyone in the newsroom thought a paper roll fell in the press room!

Matt Trott said...

When the real one happened last year, i wondered what my body or chair had just done

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