Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pissed off

I had planned to spend this post talking about my cool new wheelchair, and it is cool. I got an accessory with it that has both a headlight and a USB port.

But I had a lot of issues today.

First, I dropped my mouse into Claren's water bowl. This is the second one I've dropped. It seemed to work fine mostly, but then later it died. Its death is significant later on, so remember it.

Then I went out at lunch for a walk. Claren pooped, and I thought I heard someone say, "I'll get that." But I looked around and saw no one. Then this woman walked up with a dog. She said she is a dog walker so she picks up poop all day. And she picked it up and went her way.

I came back and started to eat lunch. In the middle, I had to go to the bathroom. No problem, I thought. I stood at the toilet and proceeded to pee all over the front of my pants. Lovely.

I went back to my office, got a towel I keep there for Claren, draped it over my legs and was going to just suck it up.

But my mouse died. And it is to hard to use the Mouse Keys for more than a few minutes. So I called Mom and she came and got me. I got home. Mom helped me change and then I began to work from home.

It all turned out fine, I guess, but it's really annoying.


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