Sunday, November 25, 2012

I am the 1%, and it sucks

I was watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother, and one of the characters kept saying to a friend, "It's my job to cheer you up."

He then does it in a ridiculously extravagant way involving Christmas lights and  AC-DC.

I wish I had the light skills and a Highway to Hell mp3.

My brother-in-law has been hobbled by an injured ankle.  My sister is doing an awful lot, like putting up a light for me, and could, I believe, use a little cheering up. Actually, she'd probably rather have some help doing things but I am what I am.

I wish I could do more -- I hate that I must sit passively by and watch ones I love struggle ... especially when I know that if my goddamn body was like 99% of the population's, I could actually help.

So I sit around and try to make my brother-in-law laugh, make my sister smile, make my nephew and niece happy. It is so not enough.

I would give almost anything to help put up Christmas decorations, and I'd even substitute Bob Keeshan's Nutcracker for AC-DC.

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Anonymous said...

your feelings are normal and believe it or not, I am sure that you are doing a major service by cheering people up and making them laugh. Don't be so hard on yourself!every single day I am frustrated by the things that I cannot do. Even little things like cleaning up. It is so frustrating but if I dwelled on it I would be miserable.

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