Thursday, November 22, 2012

Making a call

I chatted with my oldest sister last night.

Not about anything important. I told her I ordered some shades (from SerenaShades, which my little sister saw in This Old House magazine). I told her I got some wall lights, though not the awesome dragon light I wanted. My older sister pointed out the dragon only took 40 watt lights, maybe too little.

It was just so cool to talk to her -- I used to pretty regularly but as my hearing faded I gave that up.

But I downloaded a free captioning app for my iPhone so I wanted to try it out.

It worked well, but actually I hardly needed it. I put on my headphones so I could hear her and read the screen, and the headphones made the difference. I just used the captions when I needed to double-check what she said -- like when she said to someone in her house "your nails and eyebrows look lovely." I wondered if that could be right because I thought her daughter was out. Did she really say that to her son? (Turns out my niece had come home.)

I may start calling people.

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