Sunday, November 4, 2012

Man down

I knew the fall would be really bad, so I yelled "OH FUCK" as I was going down.

Depending on your point of view it was good or bad no one heard. Good that the little kids did not hear their uncle curse, bad because it meant no one was there to help.

I was showering before swimming and I had finished. my glasses fell, and I reached forward to grab them.

Bad move. I bent forward at the waist in my shower chair. I had my seat belt on, so my momentum took me down with the chair on top. On my way, I turned the water on, too.

The water ran down the drain red so I surmised pretty fast that yes, this was bad.

Unfortunately, I was stuck under my chair and belted to it.

I managed to get my legs out from under the chair, then I raised up on both hands like I was doing a pushup, and was able to undo my belt.

I turned off the water, which was no longer bloody, and managed to sit up.

I did not have a next move because my sister and her family were at hockey till 5, another two hours, and my phone was out in my room. I knew Mom would be over soon-ish, but that was too long to sit on the floor of the shower shivering.

At this point, my sister came in! The kids had events besides hockey so she left hockey with them early.

She called Mom and Dad, and they got me up, dressed and ice packed. My head wound wasn't too bad.

Now I just have to find an "I've fallen and I can't get up" thing to buy and try not to think about how I did not break my neck or anything real bad

At least no one heard me curse.

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Anonymous said...

so sorry. I am cursing for you!

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