Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm good, too

I read yesterday that ESPN anchor Stuart Scott had recently announced his cancer had returned. This is sad.

Is it really catty to  start this sentence with the word "But?" Because I have a problem.

He has scads of well-wishers, who applaud his outlook, which is super-applaudable. He says: "You’re going to feel like crap sometimes. But you’re going to feel like that whether you’re lying in bed or going to work or working out, so you might as well go out there and live your life."

My problem is that his applaudable outlook is what I imagine 99% of the disabled working population deals with every damn day.

I rarely feel great, but I work on the theory that I will probably feel better or at least not worse. I have a colleague who uses a wheelchair and has survived for more than a year on basically Ensure and Jell-o because of some stomach issue.  And she rarely calls in "sick."

The article had more than 6,000 comments. Even if half are troll-ish, Stuart has tons of fans. Where are my scads of well-wishers?


Anonymous said...

Here we are
Xo always

Anonymous said...

Paragraph six

Anonymous said...

they are all waiting for your parade on Monday.

Matt Trott said...

All right, it was just a little whine.I don't have scads of well-wishers. Maybe a coterie?

Well, the Big Guy was right as rain.

I am not sure, but isn't the parade for Obama?

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