Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm so vain ... and warm

Unlike my older brother with his seersucker suit and drawer full of cufflinks, I will never be mistaken for a clothes horse. Until a few years ago, I wore shirts I bought while in grad school. My favorite outfits are T-shirts and jeans.

So when my little sister suggested I buy a pair of Uggs, I was not inclined to take her seriously.

But she swore they were the warmest shoes she owned. And my feet have been so cold lately. Facebook was almost unanimous in saying I should get them (sorry K). I did, and ...

My feet haven't been this warm since summer! When I went to bed last night, my feet and ankles were actually warm to the touch. Today, I didn't wear socks and I think my feet are sweating.

I figured that if they keep me from buying two boxes of foot warmers a year, they will pay for themselves in a few years.

The warmth is awesome, but not that shocking. Everyone told me they were warm.

What is surprising is how much of a badass I think I look in them. Seriously, I put Tom Brady to shame.

P.S. I have been fighting off a cold this week and I hope that is the reason I have found writing a chore recently.

P.P.S. The Urinator seems to have resolved to clean up his act in 2013. Either that or he no longer works with us. Either way, a clean seat!


Anonymous said...

"Nice boots"


Anonymous said...

loving the uggs.

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