Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We interrupt this regularly scheduled programming

I am torn: Do I continue Inauguration extravaganza with my story on the Fish and Wildlife site, which is also on our Intranet and the Department of Interior Intranet? Or do I share my death-defying lunch adventure.

OK, OK. The lunch adventure it is. But first, a bitchin' photo from Monday.

By Kaki Elgin, a graduate's sister.

The sidewalk where I work has cuts in it for little tree areas. I was rolling down the sidewalk at lunch, in the cold, when my right wheel inched into one of the tree areas. I continued on, thinking my wheel would bounce back onto the sidewalk fine. Oops. When it hit the edge, instead of bouncing up, the right side of my chair stopped. The left side kept going. So essentially, I made a 90 degree turn and was headed toward the street.

I managed to take my hand off the joystick pretty fast, but this chair rolls after you stop driving more than I am used to.

Do you know those scenes in  movies where a car is right on the edge of a cliff and one tire falls off, then the other, all in slo-mo? That is what it was like.

I was resting with my front wheels on the road, and the rest on the sidewalk, unsure what to do.

Fortunately, some guy came right up and offered to pull me back up. He wrestled with it a bit but got me back up.


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Anonymous said...

happened to me on street and metro. thankfully angel strangers appear and rescue.

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