Saturday, February 2, 2013

No falls

A few nights ago, I said to Mom while we we're walking with Claren that I hadn't fallen in a while. She responded by rapping me on the head and saying we needed to knock on wood. (She is so funny!)

I didn't count last weekend, when I was using my manual chair, and I went to transfer from chaise to chair and it moved and I slipped to the floor. Everyone had gone to bed, so I slid over to my bed and pulled the chair over, thinking I could use the pole to stand. I tried four or five times and I succeeded only in tiring me out. I finally called my little sister for help on the theory that the longer I waited the later it would be. UGH.

I also do not count today when I went to pull up my pants in the bathroom and slipped. Dad helped me that time.

A fall has to be violent to count.

It is kind of a wonder I haven't fallen recently, I thought this morning.

Every morning, I pull up boxers, then pants, which requires me to stand and hold onto a bar or pole with one hand and pull things up with the other. Every single day, a struggle.

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