Monday, February 25, 2013

Wil E Coyote was a super-genius

Sometimes, I do not shower on Mondays.

Now before everyone screams UNCLEAN! I shower Sunday afternoon, go swim, eat dinner, cogitate, vegetate, watch The Walking Dead and go to bed. Plus, I wash up even if I do not shower.

This morning I did shower. And my brother-in-law is totally to blame.

I have a hard time flushing my toilet. I have to lean over the bowl to reach the flusher, and while I am not a germ-a-phobe who worries that a flush shoots up all kinds of bacteria, it still is a little gross to flush a toilet with your face in the bowl. It is also just hard to bend all the way over to reach the handle.

I came up with a brilliant and inexpensive solution involving a C-clamp, fishing line and an eyelet that would have solved all my problems. It also involved a sinker, just for kicks.

I decided to run my plan by my brother-in-law the builder. I didn't even get to the sinker. He just started staring at me like I was insane. Then he started calling it a Wil E Coyote plan and suggested I find another idea.

As I was going to the bathroom last night I thought about Wil E and the Roadrunner, and I laughed. This was bad because I was standing up, lost my balance, peed on my leg and realized I'd still have to shower.

I am totally ordering a C-clamp on Amazon.


Anonymous said...

you started my day with a laugh.

Matt Trott said...

Oh anytime

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