Monday, March 4, 2013

A good one

I slipped the other day as I was getting in my chaise. I was not all the way on the floor, but my face was buried in the chaise and my legs were holding me up but unable to do anything else.

I hollered for some help and Mom, who was over at our house, came to help, so did my 8-year-old nephew He started pushing my head up, and said, "Uncle Matt, I'm helping you." Then my glasses fell off and Mom was able to convince him to just hold them, instead of potentially breaking my neck.

Eventually, I got settled and my nephew gave me my glasses.

This is why I let him play on my phone whenever he asks. This is why I might let him download the Atomic Fart app. Because I love him, and he loves me -- even if he needs to work on his help.

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