Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I learned today I can turn invisible.

On the one hand, I was like AWESOME! That's the stuff of superheroes. Martian Manhunter, for instance.

On the other hand, I was like WTF?

I was on the ramp to the back door, letting Claren goof around in the yard. It was windy, so my head was down, when I noticed something pass me. I looked up and saw this kid knocking on the door, after totally walking around me.

He had knocked really lightly and was just standing there, so I asked him if anyone heard him. I think the voice out of nowhere (since I was invisible) startled him, but after several times, I got him to knock harder.

My nephew answered the door, they chatted and then he left down the ramp, once again totally ignoring me.

A few minutes later, a guy came by delivering fliers. He did nod at me after I nodded at him, but he put the flier nowhere near me, the homeowner.

I assume that I will wake up tomorrow with Martian Manhunter's other superpowers like flight, telepathy, invulnerability, strength.

Note: I wrote this but then sort of felt bad for making fun of a little kid. I imagine I can be scary, so no harm, no foul, kid.

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