Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lift the seat!

I went to the restroom at work today and found three gents in there washing up. I didn't recognize them but  assumed they had come from the same meeting because they were all chatting.

A minute before, they must have monopolized the hardware because we have one urinal and two toilets, so my timing seemed solid.

I went to the wheelchair stall and was closing the door when I noticed one of them eyeing me.

I figured he was watching to make sure I got the door closed OK, and for that moment I was grateful. Like I have said, it is not needed but appreciated.

As I glanced at the toilet seat and saw the pee all over, my gratitude faded. The $#@!$% peed on the seat, and my entrance forced him to think about what he did, I am sure.

I wiped it off but could not bring myself to sit down. I told myself I should. But instead, I stood ... until my right knee buckled and I sat back on my chair and peed on my pants leg.

But really, bitch, as long as you peed quickly and didn't have to touch the seat, I'm good. Ass.


Anonymous said...

Is the sign still there? Maybe several signs are needed; like one in the stall, one on the mirror over the sink, and one on the towel dispenser.


Matt Trott said...

I think the only way a sign would work is if I stapled it to the offending member.

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