Sunday, June 16, 2013

Suck it up

When I first told work about my kidney stone, to a person they said take it easy, get better.

When I started teleworking as I recovered, several folks told me to not overdo it and get better, to not push it.

They didn't really get that my only problem was a need to be near the toilet.

But the larger  issue was that people wanted me to trust my body, which is a lying sack o' crap.

If I only did what my body wanted, I'd never get up.

I, and I imagine most folks with disabilities, have to push ourselves.

That's one reason I found myself in the car going to Richmond yesterday to celebrate the graduations of two nieces and a nephew. It is usually two hours each way, and my rule of thumb is I need to stay longer than the time in the car to make it worth my while. This would not meet that rule but you can't always listen to how you feel.

Traffic was miserable so we turned around and it still took four plus hours to get home.

But I survived.

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