Friday, August 2, 2013

Matt and Siri not meant to be

I know I am not cut out for voice recognition.

I used Dragon Dictate, the industry leader, for a while, but I spent more time trying to train the program to my slurry voice than I did writing. And that was even when I didn't play music, which I like to do when I write.

So I didn't have great hope for Siri when I bought my iPhone 5. It did not disappoint.

Mainly, I keep it turned on for comedy value ... and for my nephew, who can't imagine nor activating every feature popssible. I think my iPhone purchase may have been the best present ever for my nephew.

He has a Games folder with 16 apps, mostly free ones. Two of them are mine. His sister had a folder called K's Games, but I just now noticed it was renamed Games 2. HA. He's awesome.

Anyway, back to Siri. 

Last night, my houseguest brought home frozen yogurt, and we ate it while watching American Ninja Warrior. I knew my nephew would like that, so I wanted to text my sister and tell her. I didn't want to type it all into the phone, though, so I tried the voice recognition.

Here is what I said: "frozen yogurt and Amèrican Ninja Warrior with Doherty."

This is what Siri heard: "Screwed Sinewell girl and bear guy named Joe Gloria our lives authorities."


It was so good I then had to send it to my sister with the addition: "The above was Siri translation of 'frozen yogurt and Amèrican Ninja Warrior with Doherty' which was my night."

She liked it. I hope my nephew did.

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I love this so much!

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