Friday, September 27, 2013

Back to the Abilities Expo

I promised to continue my trip tales, so that means I can't write about this afternoon's insanity, wherein I thought it would be fun to ride over the bike trail's Route 7 bridge. I won't be able to tell you how the hill up did not look too daunting at first, but I realized on the way up that I was effed. I won't be able to say how I tried to turn around but couldn't, so managed to get over OK. But then it was a modest incline that almost killed me, which I won't tell you about. And I won't say how a pregnant woman helped me onto the bridge when I returned, but the  bridge was still uphill. Suddenly, I was flying, though, a biker came up beside me, put a hand on the back of the trike and propelled me over the bridge. That is what I won't tell you.

Mom and I headed to the Abilities Expo Friday about 4. It closed at 5, but we figured we'd get our feet wet. I'll be honest, the biggest drawback: lack of swag. No, wait. I take that back. The biggest drawback was that the accessible bathrooms were behind a heavy door and labeled "Family Bathroom." One would think that any expo drawing people in chairs would make sure they had adequate and well-labeled facilities. But that's me.

On that first day we found Hawaiian Moon Aloe, which sounded hokey and a waste of money but really seems to work. I also got some mints from a booth showcasing a touchscreen caption phone and saw clickithotpacks, which I will be buying. And I saw the tank chair! Well, a knockoff, but still. After that I had a rather disappointing visit to the trike booth. I wanted something like I have -- a high seat with legs out front straight -- but she didn't think they were available.

I ended with a workout on a rowing machine. I want to exercise my legs, and wondered if that was an option. Let's see, the guy said, so we did. It wasn't great. My feet were sliding out of my shoes, and I couldn't bend my legs to bring the seat forward. Just as well, where would I put a rowing machine?

Day was interesting. Mom and I and my oldest sister who lives in Boston went for the day. A few highlights: standing wheelchairs and an exoskeleton, although I wasn't allowed to try either. I did meet a guy from Waypoint Adventure, a company whose purpose seems to be organizing extreme adventure for folks with disabilities. We decided my Boston nephews and I are going to climb a mountain. Either that or help me run a Trojan race.

I also met a 55-year-old with Friedreich's ataxia, which was neat, scary, awesome, worrying ... He seemed to hear better than I, but he talked worse than I. He did have a really cute assistant.

We also watched a power soccer demo, with a girl my sister knows. A lot of banging.

I guess that is mostly it for the expo. Next: the hotel, family and Diary of a Mom!

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