Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Do it again

This will come as no surprise to anyone -- I like routine.

My former boss made gentle fun if me when we went out for Indian food on my last day at work. He wondered where my I'd get my PB&J. My sister and brother-in-law make less-gentle fun but still bring me a mug of hot tea after dinner, even on the hottest days.

I have good reasons for embracing routines. If I know what is coming, I can get ready for it. And since it takes me ages to get ready for anything, I like the extra time routines provide.

I know, of course, that even a routine is no guarantee of the future. But it is a good predictor.

Nevertheless, I am abandoning routine for the next few days to go to Abilities Expo in Boston.


Anonymous said...

are you going to try to meet Diary of a Mom?

Matt Trott said...

Think so

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