Thursday, October 3, 2013

Little of this, little of that

I have decided to ride my handcycle every day we are on furlough. I have ridden 8.5 miles so far. That does not sound that impressive, but I am pretty pleased with myself. If nothing else, I am exhausting myself.

I forgot the best moment of Boston. Claren and I, Mom and my oldest sister were heading to the hotel Sunday night after dinner. We at at Legal Test Kitchen, down the street from the hotel so were just walking back.

Two women passed me, one wheeling, one walking.

"Hey beautiful," one said. "Hi babe," the other said.

I'd have been so happy to have been treated like eye candy, but I knew they were talking to Claren.


Anonymous said...

awesome biking

Matt Trott said...

14 now

Anonymous said...

woo hoo

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