Sunday, October 27, 2013


I suppose I won the bet, but I don't feel much like a winner.

On Thursday, I had a handyman come and put up some shelves and remove the Brondell Swash bidet that had stopped working after two years. In Brondell's defense, I sometimes sit down on the seat hard. Not in their defense, the seat moves. I am still trying to decide whether to get it fixed or not.

Anyway, I wanted the handyman to put the original toilet seat back on. It was missing a screw, so Mom warned me I needed to be "extremely careful" when I sit. Oh good, I thought, because I do careful so well.

I told my sister and asked her when she thought I'd fall. She said that night Thursday. I bet I'd make it to Saturday.

I didn't fall in, but on Saturday I did use the toilet and knock it off its hinges.

Another seat is on now so no more extreme care.

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