Monday, December 16, 2013

Day grinder

When I was at the dentist the other day, the hygienist suggested I get a mouth-guard because she could see I grind my teeth. And I fully admit it. I am, as the dentist later said, a "grinder."

The thing is while I know I grind my teeth,  I am 100% sure night is not the problem.

I grind my teeth when I fell or when I bang my foot into my chair.

I grind my teeth when works goes poorly or when my computer fails.

I grind my teeth when I think about Friday when I have a scan to see if the nodules on my lungs are anything.

Night might be the one time my jaw relaxes.


Anonymous said...

Nodules on your lungs? You're quite the over achiever.

Matt Trott said...
And the fact that I am still sane merits lots of toys

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