Sunday, March 30, 2014

Almost Superman

I do not claim to come from the foreign planet of Krypton or to have been immersed in gamma rays -- I guess I am a mutant, though, but not the good kind. There were some super-human efforts last night to avoid waking my sister, however. They failed, and I did have to call her for help, but I was insane last night, insane-ly awesome.

Everyone else went to bed by 10, so when I looked and saw it was 12:30, calling for help was at the bottom of the list. So I tried to be real careful transferring back to my chair from the chaise.

Being careful almost assures troubles, so, of course, I slipped.

I realized, though, I could lie on my back, propel myself into the bathroom to my grab-bars and steer my chair to the bathroom at the same time.

Thus began a 20-30-minute trip to the bathroom. I was coated in sweat when I got there, but was so proud.

But then I was too tired to stand up, and my shoes fell off, so I had to call for help. Dang.


Anonymous said...

ugh, Matthew. You are super awesome there is no doubt.

Matt Trott said...


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