Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A good binding

Maybe being wheelchair-bound like this dude would not be so bad, I thought today from the floor of the bathroom at work.

If I were lassoed to my chair, I would not fall. Granted, lots of other bad things would happen.

I am not even sure how I fell. I transferred OK, stood up to pull up my pants, but fell instead.

I wasn't hurt, but my feet slid whenever I tried to stand, and even worse, no one was coming into the bathroom to help me.

I was basically seated in front of the toilet, facing left. I moved to back right and faced the back, so I could use the wall to keep my feet from sliding. During the slide over, I learned that a bald noggin does not protect you much from the annoying and omnipresent scrapes and bumps of FA life.

Having got to the wall. I stood, but my legs wobbled over. I actually stood twice, but could not reach my chair.

Finally, I got my phone and called a woman who works with us next door. I was going to ask her to call my boss.   Only, she wasn't there.

So, I opened my email ands searched for the guy who hired me three years sago. I found the email with his number, called him and he came and helped me up.

I then went and got all my boss' numbers.

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