Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It was bound to happen: I ran over a woman in the elevator.

I got to the elevator in the Metro tonight, and two people were waiting: a woman with a little rolling suitcase and a woman whose poncho made her seem not-insignificant.

The woman with the suitcase got on before me, though I am pretty sure I trump her in needing to use the elevator. Then I got on. I was near the front but against the right wall. The door opened against the left wall. The poncho woman got on but would not go past me, though there was room. She stayed right at the door.

Then a guy showed up at the door. Poncho showed no inclination to move to let the guy on, so I did ... or I tried to. I apparently ran her over. She howled and hit my back (hit is too harsh; she just touched it really), so I moved back were I was.

The guy was still at the door, though, and finally he asked the woman to move so he could get on.

She did. She didn't seem to want to touch the chair when the elevator got to the upper level, either. I wasn't backing up with her nearby, but she wouldn't go past the chair till I suggested it.


I did check, and she wasn't limping when she walked out.


Anonymous said...

It was karma. The universe thanks you.

Anonymous said...

Ugh people.

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