Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time to change the blog name

Apparently, I am now writing "The good kind of people," but it is only because this suck-ass wheelchair has been failing lately and making people help me. I told the wheelchair dealer that if it were a car, I'd try to get it declared a lemon, but for nyyout if you buy an Invacare TDX SP. One subway trip revealed multiple problems.

I got into the subway station right as a train pulled up. There was a car right near me and it wasn't crowded. "Awesome," I thought, "this never happens."

Sure enough, it didn't happen.

I drove onto the train and promptly got stuck because the chair doesn't have enough power. Oh wait, I'll just quickly switch to the high-torque gear.

Oh wait again, you can't switch gears unless you are at a totally dead stop.

One woman got up to help me almost immediately. The joker like two feet from me waited till the doors closed on me before helping. I eventually backed off the train with the people pushing me and holding the doors. I did not try to get back on that train.

I boarded and rode the next train without incident, if without incident means the constant rocking back and forth that this chair provides. In the past, the wheelchair dealer has said all chairs rock.

At the elevator in my station, four people were waiting. The first got on before me, but held the door, so OK. There also was a caution-water thing in the elevator. It is like a big yellow traffic cone. The ride up the elevator was great, then it was time to get off, so I had to back up near the caution thing.

In a design flaw that seems unforgivable, the lever that switches the wheels between neutral and drive is easily accessible and easily moved. So, if one backs into, say a big yellow traffic cone, the switch flips. And you are screwed because once one of the levers moves, the chair will not move. Unless, of course, one of your elevator riders moves the caution thing, rides the elevator back down because the door closed, then flips the switch for you to get the chair moving again.


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Anonymous said...

Don't go soft on us now, Matt. We are counting on you to bring the bitter.

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