Sunday, June 8, 2014

Curses of a good book

It is, as i have mentioned, not always easy to blog when you are depressed, but I found something that makes blogging even harder -- a new book.

I just finished Skin Game, the latest in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. The books follow a wizard in modern-day Chicago, who is a private investigator. He is kind of a cross between Spenser and Dr. Strange, which means he is awful awesome. The books also include a fair bit of good v. evil, religious type stuff.

This latest book is quite fun, but ...

People who nothing about service dogs should not write about them.

Harry Dresden has a dog, a very big and incredibly smart dog. The dog, Mouse, protects his daughter at school. It has been, we are told, certified as a "medical assist dog," so it can go to school. I'll skip over that -- I'm not sure what kind of school would let a huge dog accompany a child with no adult present, but whatever.

We then learn that Mouse is a classroom favorite and the teachers let the kids play with him.

Uggg, thanks Jim Butcher. It is hard enough to convince people not to pet service dogs. It distracts them and they serve for rewards like pats. If they get rewards for nothing, why serve? But no, he has a dog that allegedly has to watch his partner for a medical condition engaging in play with other people than his partner.

Not saying this ruined the book, but it did disappoint.


Anonymous said...

there was a service dog on "House" once that did all kinds of inappropriate things. Aggravating. Don't get me started on novels about painters...

Matt Trott said...

See it is a minor nit-picky thing, but it would have been easy to say like "the teacher has a whale of a time keeping the other kids from the dog." It just seems lazy. And I noticed other little things, too. Annoying.

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