Saturday, July 5, 2014

Another why

Every Saturday morning, I read Gene Weingarten's Sunday column in the Washington Post Magazine.

Yes, I read it early. Sue me.

Tomorrow's column claims insecurity is good for columnists. As an example, he points that after he won a Pulitzer, he worries because the award-winning story included the phrase "history of prior neglect."

Granted, that is a silly phrase, but you want insecurity, allow me.

Some friends brought their new baby over and were like, we really want her to know her Uncle Matt.

Awesome, I said. What I  was thinking was, Why?


Anonymous said...

Because you are you, and a good person to know.


Anonymous said...

Why NOT????

Anonymous said...

Good thing Emily is not there. You'd still be recovering from the dope slap.

Matt Trott said...

She doesn't scare me!

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