Monday, August 4, 2014

Mr. Post-it

I thought I was so smart.

Tired of getting my bottom splashed repeatedly by the auto flush toilets at work, I got a pack of post-its.  My plan was to use the Post-its to block the toilet eye and thus the flush.

But it's not that easy to either get the Post-its out of my pouch or affix them to the toilet. And as far as retrieving the note post use, I am not just failing. My average is somewhere around 33%, with notes in the toilet or other stall. (And yes, I considered writing post poop, but I use them post pee, too.)

I think I need to coat myself in Post-its, and just pull one off when needed.

I may be on to something: That would make it easier to use the toilet, too, nothing to pull up or down.

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