Friday, August 8, 2014

Thumbs down

I had mixed feelings when I first saw the bathroom in the new building, and after two weeks I am not a fan.

It is not real open -- I have knocked to tiles off the wall already because I have hit the walls. In my defense, I don't think they were attached that well.

I recognized that tightness on my first look and noted that the tight quarters included the wheelchair stall, which is smaller than other wheelchair stalls. I fit fine -- there is no extra room. Maybe that is a good thing, keeping me from falling. Well, actually, it hasn't kept me from falling, but I have been able to pick myself up. So thanks?

While I disliked the loss of maneuverability right away, I was sold on the number of stalls -- five total. Surely with all the options, no one except a wheelchair user or someone needing the grab bars would use the wheelchair stall. The close quarters of the stall also made me optimistic. I know big guys use the bigger stalls, but why use the narrower one?

I am stupid.

I watched the other morning a guy go straight into the wheelchair stall. He was not big, not in a chair and his job suggests he has no physical infirmities.

So the upshot is a tight space where people who can fit elsewhere still use the wheelchair stall.

And don't get me started on the auto-flush.

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