Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln

Hey, Matt, how was work?

Not bad. Got a bunch of stuff done, have a bunch to do, of course. But it's all good.

Oh yeah, and I ran over my boss.


If the halls in the new office were streets, I'd have been on a main street, just bopping along. She came out of a side street, and I plowed right into her.

She said she was OK. But I still feel like a massive jerk.


Anonymous said...

if it helps, i've run into people in the office. It's just something that happens.

Matt Trott said...

i'm a little more formidable crash-wise

Anonymous said...

I ran over a colleague's foot and it was her fault for sticking it out and wearing sandals. It was at a big event in our conference room and she started crying like a baby and left and went to the doctor. Made me feel like a jerk and so bad. Actually, don't people know they are supposed to wear steel toe shoes to work? I mean all of our friends and family know that by now! sdt

Matt Trott said...

Maybe if she wore armor...

Anonymous said...

Luckily she retired. Everyone called her a wimp anyway.

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