Friday, January 9, 2015

Another dog ... eventually

I sent off my application for a service dog this week. I don't anticipate doing anything about it and I still have several interviews to do, but it feels like I am moving on a successor dog.

I am still trying to find out why Claren was peeing in the house around Christmas. We're waiting to hear about a culture.


Patrick said...

I hope Claren feels better! And when your new dog eventually arrives, that Claren, in dog language, trains him or her well and explains the correct terminology:

Matt Trott said...

Well, I probably won't get a dog while Claren i still around -- she is a one-dog dog -- but she is kind of a bad she is not good with action figures. She bit off the forearm of m&m Luke Skywalker. She claims she was making it more correct. Also, I had a Cornelius figure when little - from Planet of the Apes not Soul Train.

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