Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's not always nice to be nice

I went to the bathroom today only to find the wheelchair stall occupied again.

For some reason, I was quite surprised.

Normally, I see the occupant under the stall door, but this time, I went right up and pulled on the door before  realized the stall was in use.

To keep my mind of my biological needs, I went to chat with a friend.

I am not ever going to resort to workplace violence, I began. That got her attention.

After emphasizing the "not" a few times, I continued: But if I did, it would be because a non-wheelchair user is in the wheelchair stall.

She suggested that violence is not the way to go. But she also said I am too nice. Guilt, she added, would be more effective than violence.

She said I should knock and politely say: hi, this is the only stall I can use, and I have to use it. She also had some lovely passive-agressive ideas, too, and awesome sign wording that included Mr. T saying "I pity the fool ...

I don't think I'll take advantage of these tips, though. A tiny part of me thinks maybe, just maybe, the person in there needs the bars to sit and stand. I guess it is possible, even if no guy uses a cane or has a discernible limp and the ones I have seen use the stall are just big guys.

So I'll be patient and nice, even as my bladder argues.

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