Monday, January 12, 2015

Naked, wet and on your back

The length from the Super Pole in the bathroom to my bed is maybe 10 feet, not far and not a hard trek ... unless you are naked, wet, on your back and have Friedreich's ataxia. If that's the case, it's like the Bataan Death March.

I slipped this morning getting out of my shower chair. I wasn't hurt, but the slick floor prevented my recovery. So I grabbed my phone to call my sister, that is to say I grabbed the air where my phone should have been.

I didn't remember putting my phone away, so I figured I forgot it on my bed.

So began the sliding.

I am not sure how long I worked to reach my bed. I got up at 6:10, fed Claren, showered, then slid. At the latest, I started about 6:40.

I finally reached my sheet and pulled it off: no phone.

It was about 6:50 then, and Dad was coming over at 7, not that I wanted him to come upon me on the floor. But what could I do? I did cover up my parts with my sheet.

At 6:58, my nephew came down. I called him and he heard.  I asked him to get his parents, which he did. So Dad wasn't greeted by his son laid out but by my brother-in-law helping me into my boxers on the floor.

Oh, and my phone,  I must have knocked it on the floor when I first reached for it because it was on the floor of the bathroom.

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