Saturday, January 31, 2015

Powered up

I rarely turn off my power chair when bending over or standing up.

Usually I am fine.

Sure, maybe 10% of the time there is an issue, but issue is my middle name, and most of issues are not because my chair is on. In fact, it is helpful when I fall if my chair is on. Then I can move it right away.

Of course, things like this morning's incident happen.

I stood up using the pole at my bedside to pull up my pants after my shower. But I hooked my joystick with the pants I was grabbing. It slowly turned away from me, leaving me standing with nowhere to go. But my pants were pulled up.

Heroically, I managed to sit on the bed, then maneuver the chair back into place and transfer to it without calling for help.



Anonymous said...

This gives me an idea. Can you (or a nephew or niece) rig some sort of pulley system with the power chair that will pull your pants up for you?
I love you.

Anonymous said...

I am certain that Lynn could do this. We recently rigged up some pulleys to help the two of us raise a tree stand that should really have had 3 people doing it.


Matt Trott said...

Go, Team Matty!

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