Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm scarring the kids

My little sister's name is not Eudora, but let's pretend for a moment.

I needed her today to help with Matt's version of a Wardrobe Malfunction, which is really a bladder malfunction. But when I called out to her, my niece answered.

She's not here, she said, but you've got mini-Eudora.

She quickly realized the situation was out of her league and helped me call Mom, although there was a little misunderstanding that led to her calling her mom.

Mom quickly fixed me up, and my niece doesn't appear ruined, but geez, what am I doing?


Anonymous said...

teaching calmness in calamity and compassion above all and that just because a person needs help does not mean they are not still cool.
ps my kids aren't scarred

Matt Trott said...

Her mother asked her at dinner about it, and the niece started pounding the table and laughing.

Anonymous said...

so totally not scarred

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