Sunday, February 8, 2015

What's with her?

I blame Claren.

She has sapped my will to write the past few days. Well, her poop has.

On Friday, she pooped in the living room. No one saw it, so it could have been the puppy. But the evidence points to Claren.

Especially since the next night, she started to poop in the living room again, but my niece alerted her mom who got her outside in a nick of time.

She was acting antsy before her accidents, but both days she  had pooped like two hours earlier, so I ignored it, which makes me feel bad.

A friend at work told me that he uses accidents as a factor when deciding whether to put his dogs down. "It embarrasses them," he told me.

I don't know that Claren was embarrassed and she seems fine. She's just pooping on the rug.


Anonymous said...

Her cousin has been doing the same, but she is waiting till we are out and then sneaking up to the second floor and somehow opening shut doors in order to work her foul deeds. Dogs, right?
I love you both.

Matt Trott said...

we need Mulder and Scully

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