Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Faster than Fu#@

I didn't even have time to curse.

My sister heard my fall and swooped in before I could say anything.

Granted, I usually wait to curse until after I know I'm OK. This time I waited until my sister unhooked my boxer shorts from my wheelchair.

As anyone who has put on pants or is even familiar with the concept of pants knows, you cannot do it sitting. At some point, you must stand. I have figured out how to do this carefully, but something went wrong, and I fell, smacking my head on a plastic  set of shelves.

It was a family affair getting me up. My sister called to her son to get my brother-in-law. He and my sister helped me up, and that's that.

Except for the bruise on my forehead, and oh yeah, while my brother-inlaw was picking me up, my sister pulled up my pants.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you are going to start calling me the Flash?

Matt Trott said...

Liberty Belle is a lady speedster

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