Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's never easy

I figured when Claren stopped eating, she might be ready to rest. More accurately, I thought when she stopped eating, she'd be dead.

Claren has always been food-driven. When sick, when recovering from anesthesia, you name it. She loves her food.

She still does, I think, but she is not eating.

No, she's eating, just oddly.

On Saturday, she stopped eating out of her bowl, but was more then happy for me to feed her. Same thing Sunday. Monday she ate kibble I dropped on the floor. Today she ate off a plate after I encouraged her.

She still loves her treats, Kenny's food out of his bowl, everything. Snd she still loves her food, just not her bowl.


Anonymous said...

She also loves you.

Matt Trott said...

She doesn't drool for me, though

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