Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Looking marvelous

I don't like to change at the pool after swimming.

This is fine three seasons of the year, but in winter it is no fun to leave the pool in wet shorts.

I could alway change in any of the clean, well-furnished accessible changing rooms. But as I said, I don't like to change there.

So as winter approached, I made my move: I bought a poncho!

I believe that I have made it abundantly clear (my love of sweat pants, for instance)  that I  believe it is much better to feel marvelous than to look marvelous. So a lined cloak works. Who cares if it is a little odd-looking?

And with this stupid frigid weather we are having, it has come in handy outside swimming.


Anonymous said...

I see huge Awesome Con costume potential here!

Anonymous said...

Oh that was my exact thought!

Matt Trott said...

Hopefully, at the end of May, it will be a little warm for a lined poncho

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mary on the poncho. It is a superhero cape!

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