Monday, April 13, 2015


Andre  the Giant explains why he was losing the mano-a-mano fight in The Princess Bride by saying that fighting one person is different from fighting multiple foe, which is what he was used to.

I was thinking of this last week when my little sister and visiting oldest sister lovingly attacked my theology, my bitterness,  my worrying … Basically everything. I’m only used to talking about this with Mom.

The worst part is they made some sense. Some.

On theology, they pushed the idea that God is not responsible for my FA or other bad things. But they then said that nice spring days or friends are gifts of God. I want to know how you get a gig like God's where you aren't responsible for random crap but are thanked for random  good things. In the end, though, I'm just not tired enough of being mad at God.

On bitterness, they termed the concessions I make to FA as solutions. How silly is that? My point is that I make a concession, which makes me one step closer to letting FA master me. They argued that the so-called solutions allow me to be my own master. 

On worrying, they promoted the "don't trouble trouble" theory. But my philosophy comes from The Simpsons: Marge tells Grandpa she's not worried, and he replies, you're not looking hard enough. Yes, I am kidding, but something bad is coming for me. If I don't prepare for it (which is often seen as worrying) then I will be screwed.

All in all, I don't expect many changes after our talk, but it is pretty great to have people who love you enough to attack you.


Anonymous said...

Of not from, Matt
xxoo a million times

Anonymous said...

it's the good stuff that reminds us we are not alone even when we feel it the most.

Of not from....all the cool kids are saying it.


Matt Trott said...

I didn't say from.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am sorry I was there too late for the theological um discussion, but at least now I know what to get for my tattoo.
I love you.

Matt Trott said...

will the tattoo read: "I am the best, because I didn't make my brother cry"

Anonymous said...

You know it.

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