Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Don Johnsoning it, sort of

I am not a huge fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It makes me laugh, but I am easily annoyed by Andy Samberg. It comes on right after The Simpsons, though, and the strong cast includes Andre Braugher, so sometimes I watch it.

But credit where it's due: It helped me survive plunging my hand in the toilet at work yesterday.

In the episode Sunday, Andy has to go undercover at a fancy restaurant, but the only sport coat available is too big. Someone tells him to Don Johnson it. They riff on that a little, then to the strains of Jan Hammer, Andy walks into the restaurant with the sleeves of the sport coat pushed up.

On Tuesday, I went to the bathroom (thankfully just making my bladder gladder) and as I got up I slipped. To keep from falling I put out my hand to find purchase. Well, the purchase I found was in the toilet bowl.

Somehow, I did keep from falling as I jerked my arm violently out of the water. I even managed to sit back in my chair.

Everything was wet. The floor, my sleeve and most of my shirt, parts of my chair ...

I was nearly ready to leave for the day, so I just rolled up my sleeve, Don Johnsoning it as much as I ever do.  Thank goodness I don't wear sport coats.

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