Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Long day's journey does me right

The doctor's visit was good.

He gave me some medicine for my restless legs (well, a prescription). And it works! And it no longer makes me woozy.

And apparently, I am very, very, very unlikely to have FA-related cardiac problems. This pleased Mom greatly, but cardiac problems aren't a big worry for me.

He seemed unconcerned about my stomach issues, or untroubled by them. He did not think them indicative of great woe (just mediocre. HA, I kid).

And he thought I would benefit from hearing aids. I am a bit skeptical of this, but it would be awesome. Hearing was actually an area he thought we could do something about to improve my quality of life. He is going to reach out to some other doctors who did a hearing study on me and see what they recommend.

The other area he thought they could improve was sleeping. He did so with the restless leg medicine, but he also suggested a sleep study. I snore badly, and sleep apnea is not uncommon in FA patients. This  made the trip not a total bitter bust as sleep apnea can kill you.

Finally, he talked a lot about the treatments that are in the pipeline. I would be leery of doing that if I were a doctor to avoid creating false. Maybe he really thinks at least one will pan out.

I go for the sleep study Thursday.

PS: The doctor is Doctor Lynch at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.


Anonymous said...

Every Doctor Lynch I have known has been outstanding.
Treatments in the pipeline are a good thing. It's not necessarily false hope. It might just be hope.

Anonymous said...

Life is pretty damn dark and bitter without hope. Let's hold on to that light.

Anonymous said...

i am very impressed with your blog headlines. Do you start with the headline?

Matt Trott said...

I have hope, hopeless hope. (From a poem that doesn't rhyme.)

And the headline took me forever!

Anonymous said...

We all know that poems that don't rhyme suck.


Ally @ NCSU said...

Did you venture out into the hearing aid world at all? It's another thing that's HARD! So hard. But there's a lot of kinds out there, and don't be afraid to keep trying different ones until you find one that is good. I say this about hearing aids but also about audiologists... Those doctors are hit and miss too. Good luck.. let me know if you want any advice or cheering on...! -Ally

Matt Trott said...

I have not tried hearing aids yet, Ally. it is after the GI stuff.

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