Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just give me one

God-fucking-dammit, I thought as I was falling out of my shower chair.

I added the eff-ing because it was so eff-ing annoying.

I had slipped getting out of bed but somehow kept my footing and managed a dainty pirouette with my Superpole. The only problem was I wound up on the wrong side of the pole, so it went me, pole, wheelchair.

I considered just dropping and calling for help, but I didn't. Again, somehow I managed to keep my footing and get my legs moving where I wanted them to. Shocking, I know.

I fell into my chair, gathered myself together, went to the bathroom, transferred to my shower chair easily, turned on the shower, then bent over to get my boxers off my feet.

Experienced readers will notice I left something important out of that sequence, something like doing my seatbelt.

It is so damn annoying that forgetting one step screws you.

Anyway I fell. I scraped my back up getting to my phone. Then I called my sister who helped me up.

I say again, God-fucking-dammit.

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