Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Put off

Unbidden, an idea burrowed its way into my head the other day: What if my doctor cancels my colonoscopy-endoscopy scheduled for Wednesday?

My oldest sister already had her plane ticket to come down and help me. That would be wasted.  Not to mention the major amount of thinking/worrying I'd been doing, mainly along the lines of: How the hell will I survive this?

My little sister, in a comment that perhaps indicates the seriousness of the situation, acknowledged that  I am "pretty tough" and said we can survive anything for  day.

She's right, but just surviving is no fun, says the guy who just survives too much.

Plus, it took forever to find this doctor, then get an appointment, then schedule the tests. Another delay would be failure.

So I banished the thought to the backwoods of my brain.

Until Mom called me at work yesterday.

Mom never calls, so I knew it would be bad news.

My doctor had been called away on a family emergency.

I asked her to call back and see it there were any options -- another doctor perhaps? That would be less than perfect as I had chosen my doctor for a reason. But anything would be better than waiting.

Yes! Another doctor would do the tests, the office said. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

Until the office called this morning. The other doctor was not comfortable doing the tests. We have to wait for my doctor. What is in my file that scared off the backup doctor?

My doctor is no FA expert. We met once for maybe 20 minutes. My colon and throat aren't really FA-touched.

I guess I'll wait till November to find out.

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