Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mostly thankful

Why, I have asked myself this week, is Thanksgiving so hard?

I have much to be thankful for: family, friends, co-workers, a good job, good health if you can ignore Friedreich's ataxia (part of the issue might be I can't), a home, a spot on the list to get another service dog, watching The Simpsons with special guests, amusing dinner-table conversations and much more.

The trouble is that there are many  things for which  I am decidedly ungrateful. Actually, it goes beyond just feeling ungrateful. These things make me question God. Not God's existence. I am sure of that. I am much less certain God cares.

If I were going to create a world where people would eventually evolve, I would peek in every now and then to make sure nothing awful was developing -- like say generic building blocks that cause people to  get terrible diseases.

But it is more than that old saw. There just seems to be so much meanness in this world. People take advantage of others and prey on fear. The newspaper has become a hard read. And God does not get involved.

I realize there have been bad people before so maybe it mostly is the old saw.

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