Saturday, January 23, 2016

My mind on snow

I really miss Claren.

I know that in a little over a week, I will meet my successor dog. Three weeks from now, I will be on my way home with him or her. And I even got a photo of the dogs in the class.
Top row: Zuko, Levin III, Gilbert IV, Hadden, Cecily II, Odetta, Saralee, Ojai IV, Chevel; Bottom row: Haji III, Fliegel, Pisciotta, Dax II, Lovisa, Odie V. Aaron IV, Addie IV, Fame III

And while the idea of a dog named after an Irene Cara tune is exciting (seriously, but so is one named after Jonny Quest's buddy*, an airbender or any of them), Claren made snow tolerable, even enjoyable.

She loved snow, and for her I was willing to put up with it even if snow is my least favorite environmental happening. It is cold; it traps me where I am.

As it is now, I have my awful mind to deal with during this blizzard. Trust me, that's bad.

* Yes, Jonny's pal had a "d", but pronunciation is the same.


Laura York said...


It looks like a really nice group of dogs, including several black ones, which are my personal favorite. Best of luck on a great match! I'm sure you'll be happy to have a dog in your life again.

Matt Trott said...

Thanks, Laura, it'll be great

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